Gentle hint? Kerry says all states support deal ‘with one exception’

The entire international community with the exception of Israel backs the Iranian nuclear agreement, US Secretary of State John Kerry said in a speech on Wednesday to gather domestic support for the deal.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Kerry stated the broad international support for the Iran nuclear agreement “says something significant about the quality of the plan.”

“Internationally, the agreement is being backed, with one exception, by each of the more than 100 countries that have taken a formal position,” Kerry said, adding that the UN Security Council and nuclear states have unanimously approved the deal.

US ally Israel, itself an undeclared nuclear weapons power, is the only state vocally opposed to an international deal with Iran aimed at keeping Tehran’s nuclear program peaceful in exchange for sanctions relief.
Israel and its allies in the US Congress, backed by lobby groups, are seeking to derail the nuclear deal over concerns it will embolden Iran and will not curb its nuclear program.
By Sputnik News