Iran owns world’s 14th greatest electrical network

TEHRAN, Sep. 1 (MNA) – Energy Minister has said that currently Iran possesses the World’s 14th greatest electrical network adding that by the operation of the first pumped-storage plant Iran achieves the ability to start or stop generating electricity in less than 30 second.

Stating that at the moment Iran’s electricity production capacity has reached 73 thousand megawatts Hamid Chitchian at the opening ceremony of Dam of Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Power Plant said that, “Iran ranks 14 in terms of electrical network in the world.”

“We possess steam power, combined cycle, gas, nuclear, hydro, wind plants, generators and various power generation units in the country; nevertheless, at the moment storing electricity at high rates is not possible for us,” asserted he.

Reporting that in the water sector we are able to store water, Chitichian added, “electricity needs to be produced only as much as it can be consumed in the country because we cannot sore it.”

“The quality of the electricity network has increased and for the last 13 years we have not experienced any failure in the electricity network,” noted the minister.

Emphasizing that the electrical industry’s current plan is to reduce energy loss at the production, transmission, and distribution network, he concluded that, “accordingly, by elimination of low voltage distribution lines from the main power grid, we will take effective measures to reduce energy loss.”

By Mehr News Agency