Iran to establish 12 sex clinics shortly: Official

Tehran, August 31, The Iran Project – Director of Population and Family Health Office says that twelve sex clinics will be established in 12 universities across the country.

Following the notification of a new family planning policy by Iran’s Supreme Leader, ministry of health would establish 12 sex clinics in the country in October this year, Director of Population and Family Health Office in Iran’s Ministry of Health, Mohammad Esmael Motlagh, announced on Monday.

Increasing the fertility rate, improving the quality of life of infertile couples, promoting child-bearing, consolidating the foundation of the family (i.e. the couples’ marital satisfaction) are among the responsibilities of Health Ministry to fulfill the new family-planning policy.

Motlagh referred to the challenges of implementing the responsibilities as increasing the age of marriage, decreasing marriage rate, and increasing divorce rate.

He also said to launch the sex clinics, we need different specialists, including internist, urologist, obstetrician, and lawyers familiar with family law, adding 12 universities, having the necessary facilities, are ready to cooperate with the Ministry of Health.