President: Technology transfer prelude to foreign firms’ presence

Tehran, Aug 29, IRNA — President Hassan Rouhani underlined that his administration would welcome only those foreign parties that are willing to make investment or transfer technology to the country.

‘During my meetings with (foreign) officials, I have clearly said that our policy is that they should bring capital and technology and partner in joint ventures with Iranians so that a part of the markets of Iran, region and the world will be available to both of us; then jobs will be created for our youth,’ President Rouhani said, addressing a televised press conference in Tehran on Saturday, elaborating on his administration’s economic policy for future months when sanctions against Iran are removed.

The Iranian president pointed to his government’s decision for the post-sanction era, and said, ‘I have said many times in the cabinet meetings that after sanctions if the foreign companies and governments see Iran as an 80 million market (to just export their products), they would be making a mistake, and (I have told the cabinet that) we should not allow such a thing to happen.’

Rouhani stressed the country’s stable economy and voiced his administration’s readiness to pave the ground for attracting more foreign investments.

Since November 2013, when Iran and the six major world powers cut an interim deal to settle Tehran’s nuclear standoff with the West, several international giant firms and world states have voiced their readiness to invest in the various sectors of the oil-rich country.