Environmental protection to be boosted parallel with sustainable development

Tehran, Aug 30, IRNA – Head of the Department of Environment (DoE) Masoumeh Ebtekar stressing that no developmental plan is worthy in the absence of environmental values noted that the government is paying serious attention to the indicators of environment protection and plans will be boosted for the cause of sustainable development.

Speaking in a televised program on the occasion of the Government Week (Aug 23-30) on Saturday evening, Ebtekar further remarked that the bill on non-exploitation of forests is under adoption with the cooperation of Forests, Pastures and Watershed Management Organization.
She said natural resources should be allowed to breathe under normal circumstances and called on all those active in wood industry to import their requirements, especially from Russia which has a satisfactory capacity in this regard.
She said the government has no barrier for importation of wood and expressed hope that with the cooperation of all organizations and institutions as well as NGOs destruction of forests will be prevented.
As for the waste management she said good facilities have been approved by the government and special incinerators are being used for generation of energy in northern provinces which has been welcomed by the investors.