Iranian moviegoers pack theaters to see “Muhammad (S)”

TEHRAN — Iranian filmgoers rushed into Iranian theaters in the early hours of Thursday morning to watch “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God”, an epic by Iranian director Majid Majidi about the childhood of the Prophet of Islam, the Persian service of FNA reported on Friday.

Over 140 of Iran’s 247 movie theaters are screening the $40-million film, which is Iran’s most expensive production ever.

Tickets for most luxury theaters in Tehran have already been reserved online while numerous banners and posters hanging everywhere in the capital have been advertising the premiere of the movie for the past few weeks.

“The main reason that I am here is that the film is an Iranian production,” said Armin Jafari, a young man who came to see the film at Tehran’s Azadi Cinema Complex.

“I would like to know how an Islamic country like Iran makes a film about the life story of the Prophet (S) and how the film will convey the message of peace and unity — that Mr. Majidi said that it is seeking,” he added.

A 32-year-old man who introduced himself Saeid said, “I have come to see how Majidi has revealed the lies that the Western media are telling about Islam.”

“Tell them not spread lies about Islam, ask them to see the film instead,” he added.

Oscar-nominated Majidi has previously said that his film aims to correct the negative image that has been disseminated in the Western world about Islam.

In addition, producer Mohammad-Mehdi Heidarian has recently said that the film was made to correct minds plagued with misinformation about the Prophet of Islam in the West.

Majidi and some main members of his cast and crew are currently in Montreal, Canada to promote the film, which opened the 39th Montreal World Film Festival on Thursday.

By Tehran Times