Ed Royce

Iran nuclear agreement deeply flawed: GOP congressman

An influential Republican US congressman has denounced the Iran nuclear agreement as “deeply flawed,” saying the accord does not protect American interests.

“If this agreement goes through, Iran gets a cash bonanza, it gets a boost to its international standing, and a path toward nuclear weapons,” Representative Ed Royce said on Saturday in the Republican Party’s weekly address.

“I have come to my conclusions. This deal is deeply flawed. It makes the world less safe,” added the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Iran and the P5+1 group of countries – the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany – announced the conclusion of nuclear negotiations in Vienna, Austria, on July 14.

The Obama administration is striving to save the nuclear agreement in the Republican-dominated Congress, which is reviewing it and is expected to vote on it in September.

Rep. Royce introduced a resolution of disapproval earlier this month.

The Israel lobby in the US has launched a massive campaign to defeat the historic agreement in Congress.

US President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama on Friday called on the opponents of the agreement to evaluate it based on facts.

Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the nuclear agreement with Iran, but they need a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress to override a presidential veto, and to reach that threshold, Republicans need Democratic support.

However, momentum appears to be shifting in favor of the nuclear accord, with Senator Tom Carper on Friday becoming the 30th Senate Democrat to announce that he would support the deal.

Obama needs 34 votes in the Senate, or 146 in the House of Representatives, to use his veto right.

By Press TV