Hammond: UK stance is independent of US

Tehran, Aug 22, IRNA – British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in Tehran on Sunday that the UK stance on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are fully independent of the US.

Hammond made the remarks in a joint press conference with Foreign Minister of Iran Mohammad-Javad Zarif.
Hammond said he was confident that the US will make an appropriate decision and confirm the JCPOA.
He said the JCPOA has been welcomed in general in the UK, Germany and France, though there are opposition to it as well. ‘On the whole the public opinion welcomes the JCPOA.’
He noted that all agreed to the JCPOA and endorsed it, getting committed to it.
‘The G5+1 and Iran will abide by their promises and it will be to the benefit of their people and the region.’
Before anything, the important point in political relations is holding regular and working dialogue, said Hammond, adding, ‘We admit having differences, and we should focus on them and have common analysis about.’
He hoped Iran and the US will remove mistrust in the near future, saying it is the key to long-term economic relations.