Iran receives S-300 missile system by end of 2015

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA – Iran will receive upgraded S-300 missile defense system from Russia before the end of 2015, Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Sunday.

Speaking in a TV program on Saturday night, he noted that Washington and Tel-Aviv forced Russia to cancel delivery of S-300 Missile systems to Iran but based on new agreements between the two states, Moscow will deliver S-300 missiles to Iran by the end of 2015.
Iran has planned to buy fighter aircraft from Russia and in the meantime to acquire native knowledge of constructing them, Dehqan added.
He noted that Iran’s defense industry is able to design and produce various advanced and up-to-date defensive equipment.
The defense minister also noted that his ministry will do its best to transfer new technologies to the civil industries.
He called the ongoing proxy wars against Iraq and Syria governments as enemies’ plots to divide Muslims, adding that Iran’s military power is not against its neighbors or any other country.
Armed forces are ready to defend the country’s sovereignty in a powerful way, Dehqan added.
He said that arrogant powers are manipulating the Islamic Awakening as a tool to weaken the resistance front of the region.
Iran gives advisory help to legitimate governments of Syria, Iraq and Yemen, the official asserted.
He urged all political factions in Iraq to be united against enemies’ divisive plots.
Takfiri terrorist groups are threatening the world security, Dehqan underlined.
He said that Iran has never pursued a nuclear weapon program but it will not accept any limitation on its missile capabilities.