Wait for a bomb explosion in Israel!

A former Iranian diplomat has raised the possibility of Israel hatching a plot days before the US Congress votes on the Iran nuclear deal, citing what a well-known American figure in scientific and academic circles said in a roundtable.

Hossein Mousavain quoted the American figure as saying that Netanyahu and Israel’s intelligence services are seeking to cause an incident a few days before the Congressional vote – for instance, a missile attack against Tel Aviv which would be blamed on Hezbollah or a bus explosion which would kill a number of Israelis – to make international ballyhoo.If this happens, Mousavian said, they [Israelis] can influence the US public opinion and Congress and make a nay vote to the Iran nuclear deal likelier than before, adding despite the Israeli lobbies and attempts by Arab nations, a two-thirds majority in Congress against the deal seems unlikely unless the Israelis plot such incidents