Nahavandian: Iran gives good model for dialogue to resolve disputes

Tehran, Aug 22, IRNA — Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian said on Saturday that nuclear deal Iran struck with G5+1 gave an example of Iranian initiative and a good model for promotion of dialogue to resolve the disputes in the world.

The world community came to an understanding that Iran did not want war or weapons of mass destruction and it is ready to resolve disputes with others through negotiations, Nahavandian said.
Iranian logic is strong enough to prove its stand through dialogue, he underlined.
Iran successfully could change the wrong image depicted by the enemies on Iran and Islam to a new model that all seek to broaden cooperation with it, he said.
‘Recent exchange of economic and political delegations indicated that the international community has undergone a major shift from Iranophobia,’ he said.
Those who follow path of logic and wisdom will win the upper hand in dealing with others, he said.
Culture of dialogue should be put on the agenda to create an ideal opportunity for the world to resolve their disputes, Nahavandian said.
The proposal made by President Hassan Rouhani on World Against Violence and Extremism at the United Nations General Assembly is regarded as a victory against those who tried to introduce Iran as sponsor of terrorism in the world, Nahavandian said.