Iran calls for Muslim solidarity in support of Palestine

Tehran, Aug 21, IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry in a statement released on Friday called for Muslim unity in support of the Palestinian nation.

The statement added that Muslims with support of freedom-seeking people of the world should prevent materialization of the Zionist regime’s goals in destruction of al-Aqsa Mosque.
Commemorating anniversary of the 1969 al-Aqsa Mosque fire on August 21, the statement added that even the formation of Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) could not prevent Zionist regime efforts for eliminating Islamic symbols from Baitul Muqaddis.
The Foreign Ministry statement warned against Zionist regime’s plot to change demography of Baitul Muqaddis and urged Muslim countries to get united in support of Palestinians.
Iran would continue its support for the Palestinian nation and its ideals, it underlined.
August 21 marks the anniversary of the 1969 al-Aqsa Mosque fire, the origins of which are still being disputed over 40 years after the incident occurred. The day is titled World Mosque Day in remembrance of the event.