Taller rival for Milad Tower?

Milad Tower which is 435 meters from base to the tip of the antenna is the tallest high-rise in the country. However, there is talk about the construction of a taller 121-storey sky rise in Tehran.

The development deputy of the Mostazafan Foundation (MF) Manouchehr Khajeh Dalui recently spoke about the construction of a high rise in the capital. MF is a charitable foundation and the second-largest economic conglomorate in Iran and is involved in industrial, trade and construction activities.

“A decision has been taken and now 11 districts in the city are being studied for construction of the giant tower,” Dalui said.

The standard height of each floor is four meters and if the total height of the proposed 121-storey tower is considered, it will rise to 480 meters, 45 meters taller than Milad Tower, Alef News Agency reported.

While technical expertise is needed for construction of such high rises, he says Iranian engineers have sufficient knowledge to take up the challenge.

Meanwhile, Piruz Hanachi, secretary of the Tehran Supreme Council of Architecture and Urbanism, said he had heard about the proposed tower, but since “we have not received any formal request we have no details about the tower construction.”

In response to a question whether construction of the high-rise would be allowed, he said, “New regulations for tall buildings are being chalked out. Determining suitable locations for construction of 100 floors and above is also on our agenda.”

New Regulations
As the Supreme Council has not devised the new regulations yet, “we will not give permit to construct any building above 11 floors till further notice. Additionally, suitable locations have to be first identified for construction of high rise buildings,” he said.

In order to establish building bye-laws for skyscrapers in Tehran, he said a letter to the Municipal Research Center had been written posing questions, including what would be the impact of high-rises on the people, urban environment and the city, the effect of winds on tall buildings and whether fire fighting facilities for such buildings would be easily available.

Hanachi said adequate studies have to be made to ensure safety of such buildings; otherwise they will be a serious threat to the city.

“How the MF official has spoken with certainty about the 121-storey building is a question for which I do not have an answer,” he said, however adding that “after finalization of the new regulations, there is a possibility that the foundation will get a construction permit.”

For the time being, the people have to wait and watch to see if Milad Tower will have a rival or not.

By Financial Tribune