US senator sees collapse of JCPOA as ultimate end to talks

New York, Aug 19, IRNA – A leading US Congress member Mazie Keiko Hirono said the collapse of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action would mean the ultimate failure of talks.

In a statement, she voiced her support for the nuclear deal and said none of the countries involved in signing the deal will ever come back to the negotiations table if the US rejects it.

This, she said, will mean the virtual end to the CJPOA.

Hirono who is the Hawaii senator in the US Congress also said that her conclusive examination of the content of the CJPOA has indicated that it contains stuff that will stop Iran’s access to nuclear bombs for many years to come.

If the Congress rejects the nuclear document, she noted, then other members of the 5+1 will never return to the negotiations table again.