No fatalities in arson attack on Iranian truck at Turkish border

Tehran, August 12, IRNA – Director of Interior Ministry’s Department for Border Affairs and Campaign against Smuggling said Wednesday that no one was killed in arson attack on the Iranian truck at the Turkish border last night.

Speaking to IRNA, Majid Aghababaei said that the Iranian truck was carrying tar when it came under attack and received some damages.

Aghababaei said that all the borders to Turkey, including, Razi, Sarv and Bazargan borders are still open.

None of the country’s borders has shut down and will not shut down in the future, he said.

Aghababaei advised Iranian buses and trucks to avoid unnecessary travels to Turkey and refrain from going to Turkey after 13:00 o’clock so as not to remain on road at night when the risk of terrorist attacks is higher.

The official called on the Iranian citizens not to use land borders for travel to Turkey and use air flights, instead.

Iran protested to Turkish government over terror attacks on Iranian trucks or buses and said that the Turkish government is responsible for the losses caused by the armed attacls on Iranian nationals in Turkey.