Iranian senior clerics stress on Muslims unity to confront enemies

Tehran, August 13, The Iran Project – Iranian senior clerics have stressed on the Muslims’ unity as the only way to confront Islamophobia, saying that enemies are trying to sow discord in the region.

In a meeting with the new Iraqi ambassador in Iran, grand Ayatollah Hussein Noori Hamedani emphasized on the Muslims’ unity as one of the most important ways to achieve victory, saying that the more we are united, the more we will be successful in confronting enemies.

Saying the arrogants are pursuing plots to sow discord among Muslim nations, the Shia cleric also stressed that being Sunni and Shia is not important in today’s society, what is important is unity.

Ayatollah Hosseini-Bushehri, head of Iran’s seminaries, also emphasized, in a visit to Iraqi ambassador, that Muslim countries should help each other to confront the enemies instead of implementing their plots.

Hosseini-Bushehri referred to Iraq’s problem to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] and the Takfiri terrorists said that Iranian people will always support this country.

Under the new conditions, there is an opportunity for Iran and other countries to confront Shiaphobia, Islamophobia, and Iranophobia, he added.