Afkham: US policy, management system needs change, not Iran

ehran, Aug 13, IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham reacted to US president Barack Obama’s recent interview and his statements about iran concerning the need for change in policies.

Afkham said that Obama’s statements are repetitious, and said, ‘What needs change and development is policy and the system of the US administration as well as that country’s approach towards the independent states.

She noted that the US president has ignored the genuine trends and realities of nearly past 40 years of the Iranian society, and said, ‘The prowess and the status of Iran is not only based on Iranian and Islamic ancient culture and civilization, but also the standing up of the Iranian nation against dominance-seeking, threat and principled support for the oppressed nations are among important reason for it.’

Afkham rejected Iran’s isolation, and said, ‘in our view and also in view of many free world nations, it is the Zionist regime and its supporters who have been isolated and adandoned in the international community.’