Zarif: Isrealis are losers in Iran nuclear case

Beirut, Aug 11, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said in Beirut on Tuesday that the Zionist regime has been defeated as far as Iran nuclear case is concerned.

Talking to reporters upon arrival in Beirut, Zarif referred to the Zionist regime of Israel, terrorism, extremism and violence as the major challgnes facing the Middle East region and underlined that Zionists’ game in connection with the nuclear case and agreement between Iran and the G5+1 has ended up in failure.
He said, ‘I call on Muslim countries of the region once again to welcome Iran’s call for dialogue and cooperation to secure interests of regional governments and nations.’
He hoped that with Iran’s nuclear file coming to a close, it is hoped to enter a new phase in the Middle East in favor of regional countries and nations.
The Minister said the Middle East is in serious need of cooperation and dialogue to benefit from opportunities and confront common challenges.
Zarif said nuclear deal has provided a historical opportunity in the region so as to be able to repel challgnes and dangerous threats like the Zionist regime and terrorism so as to cooperate through exchange of views and collective efforts.
He noted that while in Lebanon, he will meeting various Lebanese officials to talk on peace and security in the region and cooperation between Iran and Lebanon as two friend countries, thus paving the way for expansion of mutual cooperation.
Thanking the Lebanese for their hospitality, he said it was a source of pleasure for him to visit Lebanon, the land of dialogue and resistance, for a second time during his tenure.
‘Co-existence of groups and tribes on the one hand and resistance against aggression, extremism and terrorism on the other hand have made Lebanon a country to serve as a model for the region,’ he continued.