Silicon Valley tech execs, investors of Iranian descent support nuclear deal

Tehran, Aug 12, IRNA – A group of prominent Iranian-Americans — including several notable names from the tech world — is supporting a nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers.

In an open letter published on The New York Times and, the 24 signatories argue that “…solving problems through communication is better for the world than conflict…” and “…when we achieve America’s goals through diplomacy instead of war, we all win,” reported.

The group includes Hadi and Ali Partovi, Facebook and Dropbox investors who are also the brothers behind the nonprofit education

Partovis and other prominent Silicon Valley players hope that, in stepping forward, Americans will view the agreement differently.

Notable names on the list include Omid Kordestani, Google’s chief business officer who’s often described as the company’s “soul,” Twitter’s former COO Ali Rowghani and prominent Silicon Valley investor Shervin Pishevar. Salar Kamangar, former CEO of YouTube also signed, as did Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, Dropbox cofounder CTO Arash Ferdowsi and Shayan Zadeh, CEO of Gear Zero, a steal startup, and former CEO of the dating site Zoosk.

“While the government of Iran and the governments of the West have had profound differences, the people of Iran have a long history of tolerance, hospitality, creativity, and innovation that predate modern governments and religions, and these are values that Americans share,” the letter read. Other signees of the letter include Anoush Ansari, an engineer and businesswoman who in 2006 flew aboard the International Space Station; Hamid Biglari, a former vice-chairman of Citigroup; Firoozeh Dumas, an Iranian-American author who’s written a series of humorous books about her heritage; and Mehran Kardar, a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. More than 170,000 Americans signed a petition condemning Jewish Senator Charles Schumer’s open hostility toward the Iran nuclear agreement. In a major break with the White House, Senator Schumer from New York announced on Thursday that he would vote against the deal. “New York Senator Chuck Schumer just publicly declared that he will vote to kill the historic Iran nuclear peace deal and urge other Democrats in the Senate to do the same,” said the petition issued by CREDO Action.

CREDO Action calls itself a “social change organization that supports activism and funds progressive nonprofits.” (Iran Daily)