Jahangiri: Iran ready to increase humanitarian aid to Yemen

Tehran, August 12, IRNA – First vice president said in a meeting with president of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that Iran is ready for increasing humanitarian aid to Yemeni nation through ICRC.

Jahangiri said in his meeting with ICRC’s Peter Maurer that the Yemen crisis can only be solved through political dialogue among various Yemeni groups, stressing the need for stronger role of the ICRC in forwarding humanitarian aids for the oppressed Yemeni nation.
Expressing deep regret over the massacre of Yemeni children, women and elderly civilians and the plight in which the Yemeni nation is entangled due to foreign military aggression, Jahangiri said that the UN Security Council could have played a more effective role to prevent the further complication of the already catastrophic conditions in Yemen.
The ICRC President, too, referred to the prevailing crises in the world today, arguing that the health and water provision for the peoples in crisis-stricken regions, such as Syria are inadequate.
‘The Syrian crisis has been turned into a regional war from an internal crisis in the course of the past four years, and in the course of that crisis many families have become homeless so that the number of refugees due to that crisis is unprecedented ever since World War II,’ he said.