Iranian agriculture sector on progress track: Business Monitor

Tehran, Aug 10, IRNA – Iran’s agriculture sector is moving forwards, according to Business Monitor.

The government’ continued investment in infrastructures yields a positive prospect for the husbandry sector of Iranian economy in long- and short-terms, the Tasnim news agency quoted the report as saying.
According to the report, an enhanced productivity of Iran’s agriculture industry would help production growth in 2015.
The measures taken will result in better-quality grains and modernizing irrigation systems will help Iran turn away from its dilapidated irrigation systems.
The country’s wheat yields are forecast to experience a 6.1 percent rise, touching 151m tons in 2017-2018.
Iran’s Growth Domestic Product (GPD) in 2015 has been predicted to be 1.4 percent compared to 1.2 percent in 2014. The report also predicts a 2.7 percent rise in Iran’s average long-run GDP by 2019.
Inflation rate in 2015 has been foreseen to be an annualized 23 percent in 2015 which was 21 percent in 2014.