IME after running cement exports hall in Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Managing Director of Iran’s Mercantile Exchange (IME) Hamed Soltani-Nejad highlighted the exchange’s special position among regional exchanges, as stressing trading goods, including minerals, petrochemicals and cement in the IME exports hall.

The IME is playing a leading role in increasing petrochemicals’ and oil derivations exports and it can improve the Resistance economy strategy and facilitate private sectors’ presence in the process of selling goods, he said.

He further added that the IME helps reforming the pricing system and discovering the real prices in the country.

Soltani-Nejad noted that trading agricultural goods has increased dramatically over the past 4 months, hitting 1900 percent.

The exchange is after running cement exports hall in Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah City, he said, adding the important issue is to have physical presence in neighboring states to provide the goods and assure them of providing cement products in right time.

He also said that the IME has started talks for running the hall in Iraq.