Babak Zanjani writes letter to president Rouhani, officials

The lawyer representing Babak Zanjani [a young billionaire who stands accused of massive corruption] has said that his client has sent letters to the president, MPs and members of parliament’s Energy Committee detailing the services he has done [for the country] when Iran was grappling with sanctions.

Rasoul Kouhpayehzadeh went on say that Zanjani has stressed in his letter that he would have taken effective steps to return the money [he is suspected of embezzling], had he not been placed behind bars.

The lawyer went on to call on officials and media to have trust in the Judiciary so that it can look into Zanjani’s case in a tension-free atmosphere.
He further said that his client is still a suspect, adding it defies ethics, laws and religious teachings to tarnish the reputation of a person whose commission of a crime has yet to be proven.


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