Tehran Milad Tower to show Iranian women capabilities

Tehran, August 9, The Iran Project – “Banoo” City festival will be held in Tehran’s Milad Tower for 10 days to show the capabilities of the Iranian women.

According to Tasnim News Agency, “Banoo” (translated as Lady) city festival will be held in different sporting, artistic, social, cultural and economic sections in Tehran’s Milad Tower from August 12-21 to show the capabilities of the Iranian women.

In one part of the festival, artist women will exhibit more than 100 hundred paintings having the theme of Iranian women activities and efforts in the society.

Building a statue of the Iranian woman is another part of the “Banoo” City festival. The statue will be a symbol of the Iranian woman who has played an important role in various social, political, and economic fields after the Islamic revolution of Iran.

Some other parts of the festival include performing street plays, holding cooking competitions, inviting and interviewing entrepreneur women, holding specialized workshop on educational counseling, as well.