Ali Jannati

Culture minister says sanctions were part of enemies’ soft war

Tehran, Aug 9, IRNA – Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati said on Sunday that sanctions imposed by the West against Iran were part of enemies’ soft war for toppling the Islamic establishment.

Speaking in a local ceremony, he said that West tried to sabotage good ties between people and Islamic establishment by imposing sanctions.
He referred to decrease of country’ revenues as the result of sanctions, adding that success of nuclear talks for removal of sanctions is due to people’s one decade resistance.

US President Barak Obama has confessed that they have no choice but to negotiate with Iran, the official added.

He said that austerity measures will continue till the next year because it takes at least six months to witness ease of sanctions and execution of Comprehensive Joint Plan Of Action (CJPOA).

Jannati pointed to improvement of Iran’s ties with the world and voiced hope for enhancement of the country’s economy in the coming years.