Relation with regional partners, major priority in post-sanction Tehran diplomacy

Tehran, Aug 8, IRNA – An economic analyst said after nuclear agreement, Tehran’s major priority should be relations with the neighbors, especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

“Our diplomatic apparatus has found out that in the absence of friendship and exchange with the neighbors we are not capable of the settlement of regional issues,” stressed Saeed Leylaz who was speaking to IRNA.
He further remarked that Iran is in need of a calm which will not be obtained in the absence of the expansion of relations, investment or any other success with regional partners.
He called a constructive, fair and friendship generating relations among regional countries an inevitable demand and said, “Without relations with the neighbors, calm will not be restored to the region.”
Leylaz, who is a professor at Shahid Beheshti University, noted that agreement with the US is the prerequisite for reaching the stability and calm but without regional partners and the neighbors no calm will be achieved, adding that it is better the spirit of hostility and competition be turned into the spirit of cooperation.
“If Iran can open a new chapter in relations with the US and France, why should it not be with Riyadh and Ankara so that its effects will be visible on the crisis in Yemen, Syria and Iraq as well as on military expenses in the region.”
The economic analyst by saying that absorption of technology, export market and managerial methods is highly important prior to money in the selection of foreign investment, added, “I believe that the policy of the government is observation of these points and I am happy that President Rouhani has explicitly announced that Iran will not be turned into a market for the imports and services.”
He stressed that there is no ideological dollar or euro and there is no reference in any sacred context that yen and yuan are more important that euro and dollar or sacredness of the Russian rubble.
The major principle is thinking about maximum productivity and cheapest price of the investment in order to absorb an investment in which technology stands on the top and there is an export market.