Judiciary chief underlines broadening judiciary cooperation with Belarus

Tehran, Aug 8, IRNA – Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli-Larijani on Saturday stressed the need for development of cooperation between Iran and Belarus in the field of human rights and fighting terrorism.

In a meeting with Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Vladimirovich, he said that Iran-Belarus ties experienced good progress in recent years and they can further improve through mutual cooperation and proper planning.
Describing acquaintance with each others’ judicial systems as a prelude to promoting judicial and legal ties, Larijani called for exchanging specialized judicial delegations for further familiarity with the two countries’ judicial structures and stronger ties.
Larijani said that independence is the main feature of Iran’s judiciary.
Fighting terrorism and human rights can be among the main areas of cooperation between the two countries, he said, noting that Belarus was also under pressure by the West for its independence and was accused of not accepting human rights principles.
Larijani said that the western governments have attempted to impose the western values as the human rights principles on independent nations.
Vladimirovich, for his part, voiced his country’s readiness to promote judicial and legal ties with Iran.
Congratulating Iran on its success in nuclear talks, he hoped that the two countries’ ties will further improve.
The Belaruss official expressed his government’s preparedness for easing legal and judicial obstacles for Iran as the most favorite trade partner to boost economic cooperation.