Australian FM: Nuclear deal will pave way for promoting ties

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 7, IRNA – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Friday that removal of sanctions following the nuclear deal between Iran and the 5+1 will prepare the ground for boosting mutual ties.

Responding to IRNA correspondent’s question about future of ties after Foreign Ministers Meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), she described nuclear deal as very important, saying that lifting embargos will help promote interaction and cooperation with Iran.

She further noted that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was mentioned during the meeting and was welcomed by participating countries.

Bishop also said on the sidelines of the meeting marking 60th anniversary of Malaysia-Australia diplomatic ties that Iran-5+1 Group nuclear deal requires measures which should be undertaken by both sides.

International inspections should be welcomed, she noted.

International sanctions as well as those imposed by Australia are still in place until certain moves are conducted, Australian foreign minister said, noting that as per the agreement, they will be removed after a period of time.

Describing nuclear deal as very important for most of the countries, she said that the deal was welcomed during ASEAN meeting yesterday.

Ten members of ASEAN, five neighbors of it and three permanent members of UN Security Council in a statement on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur confirmed the Comprehensive Plan of Joint Action and welcomed it.

The joint statement of ASEAN foreign ministers along with Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea and three permanent members of UNSC described the nuclear deal concluded recently as a major resolution which has removed one of the main concerns of the world.