White House: ‘Foolish’ if next president voids Iran deal

It would be a serious mistake for the next president to go back on a nuclear agreement reached last month between world powers and Iran, the White House said Tuesday.

Spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that it would be “foolish for a future president” to renege on the accord.

“The reason I would describe such an action is foolish is it is not at all clear what that would accomplish, other than making a military confrontation in the Middle East much more likely,” he said. “International unity would be completely gutted if another president were to take office after a year and a half, and despite Iran’s compliance with the agreement, were to unilaterally withdraw from that agreement.”

Several Republican White House contenders have said that they would void the deal if they elected president in next year’s polls.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Sen. Rick Santorum have been strongly critical of the agreement, each saying he would effectively do away with it as soon as he entered office, and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he would re-implement sanctions on his first day in office – effectively killing the deal.

But former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was slightly more nuanced in his criticism, saying that he would first check with U.S. allies before taking any action.

The top 10 Republican candidates will have their first opportunity to publicly spar over the Iran deal, among a host of other hot button topics, on Thursday during the first Republican debate.

Only the 10 highest polling candidates will be able to participate in the debate, with the remainder taking the stage earlier Thursday night before primetime – when most Americans tune in.

By TurkishWeekly