New atmosphere misunderstood by some people: Zarif

Tehran, August 4, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Tuesday it is very important that a new atmosphere has emerged after the nuclear agreement, but it is unfortunately misunderstood by some people.

Speaking at a session of Strategic Foreign Relations Council, Zarif elaborated on the legal aspects of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and its appendixes, arguing that in order to resolve the issue, President Hassan Rouhani’s government was urged to create new conditions.
‘The important point is that the old atmosphere (of threats and sanctions) is demolished and a new atmosphere has emerged, but some people misunderstand it. Today a new chapter has been opened and that is what Mr. Rouhani refers to exit from Chapter 7 of the UN Charter,’ he said.
The Iranian foreign minister said, this means the Iranian nuclear program is no longer considered a threat against the international peace and stability.
‘It is right that our nuclear program must proceed with certain restrictions. That is for sure, since 6 resolutions of the UN Security Council which were passed in the course of 8 years (of the past Iranian government) against Iran and we had not abided by them, and righteously not done so, are now annulled,’ he added.
He said that those restrictions are under Article 41 of the UNSC Resolution. They should exist and there is no escape from them, but for our friends who are experts in legal affairs this should be clarified.
‘Our missile experts tell us that none of our missiles are designed for carrying nuclear warheads, and they will never be designed for that purpose,’ added Zarif.
The Iranian foreign minister added that he believes a major development has taken place.
‘After all, Iran has managed to negotiate with six world powers, get engage in a give and take transaction, urge them to yield to the passing of a UNSC resolution to guarantee the proper implementation of the JCPOC, and all in all turn the threat atmosphere into an opportunity atmosphere.
‘I believe this is an exceptional opportunity for Iran, although there are threats as well,’ he added.