Larijani calls anti-Iran sanctions against human rights

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday said anti-Iran sanctions are against human rights.

In a ceremony here on Wednesday to mark the world day of Islamic human rights and human dignity, he said that establishment of the Zionist regime was originally against the human rights.

The official criticized US for their support of the Zionist regime, adding that no one should remain silent towards the murder of Palestinian women and children by Zionist regime.

World today is witnessing new forms of organized crimes which ISIL criminal actions in Syria and Iraq are examples of it, he added.

Referring to the Iran and P5+1 talks, Larijani said that Iran has never acted against NPT rules and regulations.

World powers used force against Iran to give up its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy, he noted.

Larijani underlined that powers’ sanctions against Iran were against human rights.

He criticized western philosophy of human rights, urging the West to include justice in its socio-political programs.

Despite international efforts, violence has not decreased and several parts of the world including Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt are entangled with war today, Larijani noted.

The official criticized massacre of women and children in Yemen, adding that certain powers manipulate human rights for political purposes.

He urged Muslim states to reach consensus on human rights.

On Wednesday morning, Islamic Human Rights Headquarters handed over a human rights award to a forerunning Yemeni human rights group which has pioneered anti-terrorism campaign among Sunni countries.