Iran awards Yemeni human rights group

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA – Secretary of Islamic Human Rights Headquarters Mohammad Javad Larijani said his organization will hand over a human rights award to a forerunning Yemeni human rights group which has pioneered anit-terrorism campaign among Sunni countries.

In a ceremony here on Wednesday to mark the world day of Islamic human rights and human dignity, he noted that this is the second award of the kind to be handed over, with the first one having gone to the chancellor of Gaza children hospital last year.
He further stressed the issue of human rights well falls within the authority of the Iranian parliament as it accounts for a very important part of international issues which are focused upon by parliamentarians because of their close connections with the public.
He said that 70 years ago, when the United Nations Charter was initially compiled, it was founded on secular attitudes allowing no room for Islamic ways of thinking and lifestyle.
He said he will persistently work to establish the Islamic way of thinking which adheres to promote life based on Islamic teachings.