GC chairman hails nuclear negotiators, warns against partisan divide

Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA – Chairman of the Guardian Council Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi on Wednesday appreciated efforts made by Iranian nuclear negotiators during the ‘landmark diplomatic negotiations’.

Speaking in a meeting of the Guardian Council presiding board, Ayatollah Yazdi said that the nuclear talks were concluded under the wise guidelines of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
At present, the nuclear deal is going through legal procedure in Iran, he said.
Majlis can examine the deal and the Supreme National Security Council also has to scrutinize it and its decisions have to be endorsed by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Yazdi said.
Although there have been no signature, constitutionally anything that is binding for the government has to be examined by the Parliament, the Ayatollah said.
He said that as long as the deal is being scrutinized, it’s not appropriate to talk about advantages and disadvantages.
Echoing the Supreme Leader’s support for the diplomatic settlement of the 12-year nuclear dispute, the Guardian Council chairman warned against partisan controversy over the nuclear deal struck in Vienna on July 14 between Iran and the western governments.