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Post-sanction Govt. plans for private sector

Tehran, Aug 4, IRNA – Minister of Economy and Finance Ali Tayyebnia said improvement of working environment and attraction of domestic and foreign resources and putting it at the disposal of the private sector are among major plans of the government for the private sector in the post-sanction era.
In response to IRNA on government’s plans for increasing presence of the private sector in economy in the post-sanction era, Tayyebnia said, “Although before the sanctions, our economy was faced with structural problems, sanction conditions made our conditions even harder.”

Tayyebnia who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the 49th session of the council for dialogue between private sector and the government, further remarked that with the elimination of the limits, grounds will be prepared as well for the removal of structural problems.

He pointed to the oil-based and government-oriented economy as the problems of the country’s economy and said, “Attention should be paid not to experience the past mistakes and the resources that will be obtained will be used in the expansion of the role of the private sector in the economy and investment and increase in productivity in export fields.”

Referring to the improvement of working environment and increase in the quality of financial resources as other plans of the government, he said there are currently multiple problems in the working environment which should be removed while the motive of the private sector for investment should be increased.

In reply to another question raised by IRNA on whether the blocked Iran’s dollar in China will not be released and its equivalent will be given to Iran in the form of commodity, the minister said there have been some criteria in the field of financing and using Chinese resources in some projects.

He continued by saying that so far there has not been any word on the nature of commodities Iran is going to receive in return for those resources.

Tayyebnia said necessary requirements of the country will be imported while the quality, price and competition will be considered.


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