Iran’s defense doctrine based on ‘deterrence’

TEHRAN, Aug. 04 (MNA) – Commander of Iran’s army ground forces has said Iran’s forces are prepared for any ISIL border violations.

Brig. Gen. Ahmadreza Pourdastan addressed a group of the 13th Joint Army Cadet Preparation in Military University, where he praised the “children of the nation and future guardians of the army” and welcomed cadets into ‘home to warrior-soldiers of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army.’

Pourdastan told cadets that they should grasp the opportunity in ‘deepening their insights to spirituality and knowledge’ to foster a ‘transcendent self,’ which he believed would discipline man in the harshest of conditions to seek heavenly blessings.

“This is the outcome of such self-disciplining endeavor that prefers the others’ welfare to its own; this is the outcome that makes man believe in certain valuable moralities which guide him into making sacrifice of his own body for the comfort of his nation; this is the outcome of a great spirit,” Pourdastan stated.

The Army commander also highlighted the Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense doctrine which is purely of a deterrent nature; “the guiding roadmap of the army forces is this deterrent philosophy; we would not strike any nation; even our war against Saddam Hussein of Baathist Iraq was essentially a defensive campaign,” he added.

“Today, we face dire and fresh threats; the enemy has found that a powerful Islam would emerge out of Sunni-Shia fraternity pact; thus, it occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, but failed to target the more important power which is Iran,” said Pourdastan, “mired on Iraq and Afghanistan, the enemy now has embarked on stirring a sectarian conflict, with Takfirists established to largely distort the true image of Islam as centerpiece of the misguided policy,” he concluded.

By Mehr News Agency