Public legal illiteracy ‘safe havens’ of corruption

URMIA, Aug. 02 (MNA) – VP for Legal Affairs has said the general public’s lack of legal awareness provides a safe haven for corruption to thrive.

Elham Aminzadeh who was addressing a coordination meeting of West Azerbaijan provincial government legal affairs on Saturday, emphasized that the legal concepts and the laws should be clearly explained to the general public; “in doing so, the government had worked out planning to ease the public access to free flow of information, and we hope that the good offices of executive organizations provide the grounds for people to have free access to the information and existing laws,” she added.

However, she held that some regulations and directives issued by the cabinet encumbered the government with additional financial burden; “with the necessity felt to fight corruption and rentier circles across the country, all of our efforts should be preemptive than mere catching the perpetrators red-handed; if a director fears that he could not be held accountable to the above authorities and to the law, he or she would not decide genuinely on investments and economic affairs of her or his scope of influence,” Aminzadeh told the meeting.

“The statutory law should govern the current affairs of the country and should be transparent, precise, and public-friendly; in line with the educating the public in legal concepts and the respect the government should lend to citizens’ rights and citizen’s duties, diverse media-and TV-based programs including serialized episodes are under preparation in close collaboration of the Ministry of Culture,” said the vice-president.

Aminzadeh pointed to the staggering number of lawsuits in the Judiciary as 15 million lawsuits; “according to an agreement with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of the Interior, and Ministry of Culture, children and teens will receive necessary educations with the objective being to inculcate the legal issues from the early ages,” she asserted.

“President’s legal deputy has also established an arbitration board, which would help the Judiciary in reducing the number of lawsuits,” said she, pointing to the promotion of a culture of peace and reconciliation as an effective path toward avoiding unnecessary lawsuits in the Judiciary.

By Mehr News Agency