Iran Talks Vienna

US actors supporting Iran nuclear agreement ‘helpful’

Former US congressional staffer Rodney Martin says a new video by American actors supporting an international nuclear agreement with Iran is helpful.

“The video with Morgan Freeman and the other two stars is helpful,” he told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Morgan Freeman does enjoy a certain amount of respect across the political spectrum. So, his endorsement might be helpful with the Democratic Party,” he added.

“The Republican Party has made its decision that it won’t be a single Republican vote. So, the president is focusing on his own party,” Martin said.

Famous American actors backed the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, asking Congress not to sabotage the deal and make a new war.

In a video posted on YouTube on Tuesday, the actors called on Americans to contact lawmakers and encourage them to back the July 14 accord reached between Tehran and the six world powers in Vienna.

Actors Morgan Freeman, Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne and Farshad Farahat took part in the three-minute video produced by Global Zero, which is an organization fighting for a world without nuclear weapons.

Queen Noor of Jordan and retired US ambassador Thomas Pickering are also speaking in the humorous video.

Martin also criticized Barack Obama for not presenting the agreement properly to the American people.

“The president waited too long to conclude the deal with Iran and his messaging has been horrible. He has not put the proper messaging out to make the case to the American public nor to the middle of the road senators that he needs their votes to make that happen,” he said.

By Press TV