After nuclear deal, US remains Great Satan: Nasrallah

Tehran, July 25, IRNA – Secretary General of the Lebanese Resistance Movement of Hezbollah Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said after signing of the nuclear deal last week, the US remains the Great Satan, rejecting claims that Iran will abandon the anti-Israeli occupation movement, Al-Manar TV reported on Saturday.

In a speech delivered at the graduation ceremony of martyrs sons in Beirut, Nasrallah said “Even after the nuclear deal was signed, their main concern remained Iran and Hezbollah. That’s why [US President Barack] Obama and [Secretary of State John] Kerry talked about Hezbollah lately and described it as a terrorist organization. This insistence on accusing us of being a terrorist organization changes nothing.”

“We feel pride when the US, which we consider the Great Satan before and after the nuclear deal, penalizes us because we are defending our country against the Takfiri and Israeli schemes.”

Nasrallah saluted the families of the martyrs who embraced their children and who were also martyred lately following the path of their fathers, announcing that a large number of martyrs’ sons are now in the ranks of the resistance and in the battle fronts.

“People are spending Eid holidays peacefully, securely in a troubled region, this is a blessing! We should all mull in the reason of this security. It’s all because of the martyrs, people, army and resistance. If it weren’t for these sacrifices and blood, Lebanon wouldn’t have been safeguarded from the Israeli and Takfiri threats.”

“The first generation of resistance believed in the cause metaphysically, but this generation witnesses victories. This is the reason for the strong belief of this generation, the third generation of resistance, which the Israeli talks about. This is because it witnessed the victories,” Nasrallah said.

Since the onset of resistance, he added, there was a big scheme set against it, that is the endeavor by the US, Israel and some Arab regimes and their Lebanese elements to eliminate the resistance, and if they couldn’t, to weaken it. “They tried over and over again and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and waged some battles which all resulted in failure.”

Uncovering part of the psychological warfare against Hezbollah, Nasrallah said some sides worked hard on distorting the image of Hezbollah by fabricating lies of drug trafficking and money laundering.

The secretary general said there’s a US insistence on harming the Lebanese businessmen, calling upon the Lebanese authorities to assume its responsibilities before the US penalties imposed against the Lebanese merchants and businessmen, stressing that Hezbollah feels proud from the Islamic Republic moral and financial support.

“There’s a continuous attempt to undermine Hezbollah achievements since July victory and the victories taking place in Syria. The same side also accuses us of taking control over Lebanon or hindering the election of a president, these sides are renouncing facts that are admitted by the enemy itself,” he pointed out, wondering how some in Lebanon don’t consider the Takfiris as a threat.

Nasrallah denied the lies that Iran would abandon its allies, saying Iran’s ties with its allies are strong. “Following the nuclear agreement, the Iranian president and other officials have reiterated that the country’s stances towards Hezbollah would not alter.”