Commander: Attack on nuclear facilities will darken enemy’s sky

Qom, July 25, IRNA – Commander of the army’s Khatam ul-Anbia Air Defense Headquarters, stressing on serious reaction against any possible military attack on Iran, said attack on the country’s nuclear facilities will darken the sky of the enermy.

Speaking at a ceremony here on Friday night, Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili noted that the army’s air defense system monitors Fordou nuclear facility against the strike of missiles with a range of 200 miles/hour.

He said, “If the enemy intends to attack Fordou nuclear site, the air defense of the army will turn the sky of the enemy into hell in the least possible time.”

He further remarked that the army’s air defense is fully ready to confront with any possible attack of the enemy on the country’s sky.

Referring to the presence of the people in different scenes such as the Qods Day and Islamic Revolution anniversary rallies, he said all the flights of the enemy are taking place far from the country’s borders, that is to say this presence plays a greater role in withdrawing the enemy than the air defense.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the commander pointed out that those who were present in the talks were the same people who used to sell chemical bombs to the Iraqi Baath regime in the eight-year scared defense, adding that members of the US Security Council which refrained from selling barbed wire to Iran at that time are now congratulating the country for nuclear talks.

Stressing that the world powers have realized that Iran and the Iranians cannot be insulted, the commander added that cruel sanctions can never prevent the Iranian nation from a direction it has chosen for the realization of its goal.

He further remarked that the enemy’s influence is very easy through culture, noting that the enemy with easy and low cost systems such as social networks has assaulted the rich and pure Islamic culture.

The commander said that today even countries which have military pacts with the US are dissatisfied with the flight of US drones over their skies, adding that the US under the pretext of fight against Taliban and terrorist groups has disturbed security in the region but has never been able to deal the least blow on Iran’s security and stability.