Unanimous UN Security Council vote proves strength of Iranian deal – Obama

The United Nations (UN) Security Council’s unanimous approval of resolution on Iran’s nuclear deal shows that the agreement is the best way to prevent Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, US President Barack Obama said in the White House on Monday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Earlier on Monday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on Iran’s nuclear deal reached on July 14 by Iran and the P5+1 group of countries that includes China, France, Russia, the United States, Britain and Germany.

“It will send a clear message that…this is by far our strongest approach to ensuring that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon.”

Under US law, members of Congress have 60 days to fully review the final nuclear deal with Iran. During the review period, Obama will not be able to waive or suspend congressional sanctions currently in place against Iran.

“My working assumption is that Congress will pay attention to the broad-based consensus.”

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and a senior intelligence official will conduct classified briefings for members of Congress to discuss the deal with Iran.

By Sputnik