Scott Walker

Iran nuclear conclusion ‘bad for Israel,’ US presidential candidate says

Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker says the conclusion of Iran’s nuclear talks is bad for Israel and he would call the agreement off should he become US president.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, the Wisconsin governor described the July 14 agreement between Tehran and the six world powers as a “bad deal.”

“It’s a bad deal for us, it’s a bad deal for Israel, it’s a bad deal for the world,” Walker said.

“It’s not just the starting gun, it will accelerate the nuclear arms race,” he continued.

The presidential candidate said he would impose economic sanctions against Iran again after he won the White House.

“The US putting sanctions would have an impact on others, so they’d have to consider what impact it would have on relations that they do with Iran and the impact it would have on their own economy,” he said.

Washington and its five negotiating partners concluded the nuclear negotiations with Iran in Vienna on July 14.

Iran sanctions are set to be removed in exchange for some limitations on the country’s nuclear energy program.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the agreement is “the dream deal” for the Islamic Republic.

The conclusion of the talks is “not only important to us, I think it’s important for the entire world,” Netanyahu told CBS.

US Secretary of State John Kerry criticized Netanyahu’s remarks about the agreement and said a better conclusion is nothing but “fantasy.”

“There’s a lot of fantasy out there about this – quote – ‘better deal.’ The fact is we spent four years putting together an agreement that had the consent of Russia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Iran. That is not easy,” Kerry said.

By Press TV