Spain looking for business opportunities in Iran in post-sanction era

Madrid, July 16, IRNA – Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José García-Margallo y Marfil, is to visit Iran as Madrid is looking for business opportunities in the country following the accord reached with the G5+1.

Marfil said in an interview with reporters on Wednesday that after the Iran-G5+1 accord he planned to visit Iran in September along with Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria López, and Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor Julián.

He said the agreement will allow Iran to help westerners in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and perhaps Muslim countries, where Daesh has turned into a threat.

Referring to outstanding role of Iran in the region, the Spanish minister said Iran is a light to which all Middle East Shiites are looking at.

He underlined that Iran can be a key part in Syria, convincing government of Bashar Assad to sit on the negotiation table and reach peaceful accord.

He noted that for Spain Iran is like Saudi Arabia a key part in settlement of all Middle East tensions , including those spreading to Spanish borders.