Over 170 Iranian researchers enlisted as world top one percent highly-cited scientists

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Caretaker of Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) Mohammad-Javad Dehghani announced that 173 Iranian scientists have been added to the list of top one percent highly-cited scientists in the world.

The ISC has conducted different processes and identified 173 Iranian researchers as the highly-cited scientists, he said, adding it also prepared a complete list of scientific elites in Iran.

He further continued that 50.8 percent of the scientists are working on fundamental sciences, 21.4 percent on medical sciences, 21 percent on technical and engineering sciences, 6.4 percent on agricultural sciences and 0.6 percent on social sciences.

50 percent of the scientific elites are from state universities, 23 from poly technique universities, 21 from medical universities, 3 from research centers and 3 from Azad universities, he noted.

Sharif, Isfahan, Amir Kabir, University of Science and Technology and Babol Noshirvani poly technique universities have had the most highly-cited Iranian scientists