Iranians show disgust for Israeli PM’s persian tweets

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranians from across the world displayed their utmost fury and hatred for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he started sending Persian tweets against a possible nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers.

The Israeli officials have not yet confirmed that the Twitter account belongs to Netanyahu but Reuters reporter Dan Williams quoted Netanyahu’s aide as telling him that the account is genuine and is an effort to persuade the Iranians that the nuclear deal endangers them by strengthening the Islamic establishment.

Since the first minutes that the account started sending tweets, Iranians returned his messages with tweets filled with anger and disgust.

Analysts believe that the measure would cause increased hatred for Israel and Netanyahu himself not just among the Iranians, but among the world public opinion who see the Israeli premier making personal effort to impede global peace and security.

“There could never be any better move to run negative PR against Israel than Netanyahu’s Persian Tweets,” an analyst said sarcastically.

The move came as Iran and the six world powers are only inches away from a landmark deal that would end 13 years of nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West.