Vienna nuclear talks

Iran, P5+1 to reach deal on Iranian nuclear deal Monday evening at earliest

Iranian delegation at the talks with the P5+1 international negotiators on Iranian nuclear program believes that the final comprehensive agreement will be reached, but does not expect this to happen before Monday evening, a source close to the delegation told Sputnik Sunday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier on Sunday, a source in one of the western delegations told Sputnik that Monday, July 13 will be the last day of the talks on the Iranian nuclear program, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations.

“The talks will conclude with the signing of a comprehensive agreement on Iranian nuclear program. This will happen on Monday evening at the earliest.”

Iran and the P5+1 group of international negotiators comprising Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China and Germany are trying to reach a comprehensive agreement that would ensure the peaceful nature of Tehran’s nuclear activities.

The deadline for reaching the final deal was initially set for June 30, but was repeatedly postponed.