Iran nuclear talks vienna

Europeans press for Iran nuclear deal on Monday

VIENNA—Nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers have reached the make-or-break point, European officials said, warning the diplomacy could fail if there is no final agreement by Monday night.

The comments by senior European diplomats in Austria’s capital on Sunday suggested a divergence from Washington on the way forward with Tehran.

The Obama administration has also said it is willing to end nearly two years of negotiations if a deal isn’t struck in the coming days to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

But senior White House officials have also indicated the U.S. wasn’t going to be rushed into a final agreement and it might be willing to roll over an interim accord signed with Tehran in late 2013. That deal locks in modest sanctions relief for Iran and freezes parts of their nuclear program.

If a deal isn’t reached by Monday night, a European official said there was “no way” the negotiations can continue.

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