Wang Yi

Chinese FM hopes sides to strike ‘good’ Iran nuclear deal without delay

The negotiating sides have a chance to reach a good agreement, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

VIENNA (Sputnik) – Much progress has been reached over the last two days of P5+1 and Iran talks on Tehran’s nuclear program, and though the agreement may not be perfect, it is a good agreement, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday.”With intensive consultations over the past couple of days, new progress has been made in the final stage of negotiations. China believes that no agreement can be perfect and conditions are already in place for us to reach a good agreement,” Wang told journalists.There is no reason to delay reaching a final deal in Iran’s nuclear program between the P5+1 Group and Tehran, Wang Yi added.”Hence foreign ministers of six countries gather once again in Vienna to bring negotiations to its conclusion. We believe that there could not and should not be further delay at the negotiations,” Wang told journalists.