Leader: Those behind 2009 events not to be trusted

Tehran, July 12, IRNA – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said those involved in 2009 incidents in Iran are not to be trusted.

The leader was referring to the anti-government street protests following the 2009 presidential elections in Iran. Western countries, especially US, supported the saboteurs behind the unrests.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks here on Saturday in a meeting with over 1000 university students from across the country.

During the meeting, the Ayatollah offered guidelines to the student groups and listened to their views on different issues pertaining to current social and political situation.

He said the university student communities had a number of religious obligations on them the most important of which was to seek Islamic ideals.

The Leader dismissed the notion that idealism stood as contradictory to realism and said idealism opposed conservatism not realism.

He said conservatism in essence meant being submissive to any reality that existed while idealism meant using realities in a positive manner to fight the negative ones in a bid to attain great goals.

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to “establishment of an Islamic society and restoration of Islam’s political way of thinking” as one of the most significant ideals and said self-reliance and believing in the motto of “we are capable” could play a decisive role in the society.

The Supreme Leader then pointed to “fighting arrogance and oppressive systems” as the third most significant ideals the university student communities are obliged to pursue.

He said the main reason for the hostility of the world arrogant powers against Iran is the nation’s unwillingness to abide by an oppressive system.

He also went on to comment on the expression “the Islam of compassion” which is frequently used these days.

He said the expression consisted of two beautiful words while the true meaning of it remained to be explored.

He said students should think about whether the expression implied that in contrast with the Quranic principles which divided people into believers and disbelievers or friends and enemies, everyone had to be treated in the same manner, meaning that those who are practicing animosity against Islam and the Iranian nation had to be treated with kindness, mercy and moderation?

The Ayatollah said putting forward such notions without deep contemplations was a wrong and shallow task.

He said if we considered that the expression “the Islam of compassion” stemmed from the western liberalist notions, then it would be neither Islamic nor even compassionate given the fact the hard core of liberalist thinking was humanist notions based on negating the existence of the Holy God which were originally initiated to protect the interests of power circles.

He stressed that if the expression referred to such notions, then it would be one hundred percent wrong and had nothing to do with true Islam at all.

Ayatollah Khamenei further commented on “Iran’s wonderful spiritual influence” in the region and said the US and a number of backward countries in the region were now sitting down to complain to each other about Iran’s influence in the region while remaining helpless about it.

Referring to 100-day-long bombing of defenseless people in Yemen, he said the liberalistic West that claimed advocating freedom was keeping mum about Saudi crimes in Yemen while the Security Council embarked on issuing one of its most disgraceful statements in which it slammed those being bombed instead of those who are doing the bombings.

Ayatollah Khamenei said the main reason for the Saudis to bomb Yemen and destroy the lives and homes of the nation was its anger with Iran because of its influence in the region which was built not on arms but rather on the bestowing of the Almighty.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution also commented on the “situation of anti-arrogance resistance after nuclear negotiations”.

He said based on Quranic principles fighting against arrogance could never be halted and stated that today the US stood as the perfect embodiment of arrogance in the world.

He said the Iranian nuclear negotiators have been instructed that they have only authorized to negotiate about the nuclear issues..

Ayatollah Khamenei said the negotiators say they have no permission to discuss regional issues like situation in Syria and Yemen any time they are raised by the US officials.

Ayatollah Khamenei said fighting arrogance was among the basic principles of the Islamic revolution and urged the students to “prepare for continuing their struggle against arrogance.”