Iran Talks Vienna

Iran nuclear talks: comprehensive deal ‘to be announced as early as Monday’

Western diplomats at Vienna negotiations say that barring any last-minute surprises, only technical issues remain to be resolved before announcement

A comprehensive deal on the future of Iran’s nuclear programme will be announced as early as Monday, after consensus was reached over the weekend on the major outstanding issues, according to western diplomats at the negotiations in Vienna.

The diplomats pointed out that there could still be last-minute surprises sprung by one of the parties to the talks, or squabbling over the language to be used in the final text. Barring such unforeseen obstacles, however, they said only technical issues had to be resolved.

After that it would take some hours for the text of the agreement, the English version of which stretches to more than 80 pages including five annexes, to be “scrubbed” or proofread and reviewed by lawyers. Translations will then have to be completed before the final text is sent to the relevant capitals for approval by national leaders.

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