Rezaei: All negotiating parties want to make deal

Tehran, July 11, IRNA – Secretary of Expediency Council said on Saturday that all the negotiating parties want to make deal.

Mohsen Rezaei added that nuclear talks with Group 5+1 made progress, but the US does not let the job done and is trying to get more advantages.

Rezaei told reporters at the end of EC meeting that the US has no choice except for negotiations with Iran and military attack or toughening the sanctions are not the options anymore.

‘Though, the negotiations are the sole way remained for the US, the United States is sabotaging process of negotiations. The US political gesture caused their European allies complain about, although they do not make their complaint public. They believe that the US excessive demands will damage the negotiations and they will face problems in the Middle East.

Secretary of EC said that all international powers are willing to settle the nuclear dispute with Iran and even Russian and Chinese are opposing the US excessive demands.

Rezaei said that President Obama has definite political capacity and the nuclear file is more heavier than his ability to put an end to the dispute and it seems unlikely that the president can settle the entirety of the nuclear dispute.

He said that the fault with the US Administration is that heavy resolutions were approved against Iran during presidency of Obama and now he is trying to remedy the injury.

The US Department of Treasury said last month that Iran suffered dlrs 400 billion damages from the US-orchestrated oil sanctions on Iran.

Iranian students demanded the government to take legal action with the International Court of Justice in The Hague against the U.S. Administration over the damages it inflicted on Iranian economy by orchestrating the arbitrary sanctions for the national nuclear program in line with Non-Proliferation Treaty.